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15ml Twist-Up Refillable Perfume Spray Bottle

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NB: Please ensure to insert nozzle firmly & properly before spraying to ensure bottle does not leak.

- Refillable
- Small & light
- Fine atomizer spray reduces perfume wastage
- Made of high quality aluminium for durability
- Convenient to carry & use
- Store easily in your handbag or luggage
- Please do not subject to high temperatures orlow pressures as this may cause leaking to occur
- May not be compatible with non-standard spray heads
- Aircraft approved

- Capacity: 15ml

- Rotate the bottle casing clockwise to reveal the nozzle head of your new spray bottle
- Pull out the bottom casing of the spray bottle to reveal the inner liner
- Next, remove nozzle applicator from perfume bottle that you would like to decant perfume out of
- Align pipe at the bottom of the bottle of your new spray bottle with your main perfume bottle's pipe
- Press firmly and repeatedly to fill spray bottle with your favourite perfume
- Use clear window on spray bottle to see how full the bottle is

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